Three Day Weekend

Started my weekend on the road, ended it with vegetable skewers.

Here's how it went down.

Friday afternoon, we made our way down to Atlanta, where we hung out with Mom and the pugs for a bit.  Crashed, and up at 6:30 to head for the mountains.

We made a stop for breakfast and stop for groceries... one more stop to visit with our friends the Graggs, and their yard turkey - a tom with a beard easily a foot long.

At 9AM, it was time for Work Day.  They put us at a burn pile, and we worked it.  It was an easy day - plenty of time to visit and chat with people.  One of our friends offered to host the annual picnic in the field in front of her house - good thing since the hogs have torn our yard to bits and pieces.

Anyway, we called it a day and headed back to the cabin.  Matt shot a few rounds at his Clown Target:

We had some dinner, watched hockey, and slept.  I had been snacked on by enough bugs that I decided I'd benefit from Benadryl.  I took two.

Sunday morning, I finally got up around 10:30.  Apparently, I was tired.

We took a ride on the Rhino, and I managed to do this:

Hard to tell, but it's a gash on my right calf, about two inches long.  Caught a tree branch.  Left some DNA on the trail.

We did some visiting, talked with friends, and then packed up and came down the mountain.  Three stops this time.  One at Mark of the Potter - Matt bought a mug.

I fed the trout.

Another at Yonah Burger for lunch.  Finally, we got gas at the QT near my parents.

We stopped in to see Mom, I changed clothes and then we went over to St. Joe's to see Dad.

Dad went into the hospital last week because his labs were a bit screwy  - and they're getting him back on track.

His spirits are good, he is looking better, and should be home tomorrow or the day after.   I mean, it's not ideal - but it's not untenable, either.

Anyway, we brought him some hard candy, showed off the target Matt obliterated and gave him the news.

Then we headed home.

We gorged on new episodes of Arrested Development, went to bed, and this morning, I got up to go wash the car, then took a metric ton of cardboard boxes to the recycling center.  Grilled chicken burgers for lunch,  took a nap, did laundry, cooked dinner...

Now we'll catch some more Arrested Development, and call it a weekend.

All's well that ends well.