Hey, Jealousy

Today was kind of a wash.  I got up early and did some housework, then headed to the Farmers Market in search of local strawberries.  And they didn't have any.  I briefly contemplated finding a pick-your-own farm.  But, I couldn't get the energy up to go in search of what appears to be elusive at the moment.

I think maybe it's too early for them.

But then, I'm traveling the next two weekends, it appears.  So where does that leave me?  Berry-less and cranky.

Anyway, after coming away from the Farmers Market empty-handed, I drove to Trader Joe's, wandered around there aimlessly for a bit then finally picked a few things up for supper. I came home, did more work on the house, then took a brief nap.

I dreamed about Lola. Again.

My dreams aren't bad.  Usually.  She's just there in them mostly.

We watched a movie called Seven Psychopaths, and it was fun, but dragged a little.

I did a little grilling for supper.  Some chicken sausages and whole wheat pasta.

And now I'm watching some bad TV.

I love bad TV.

It's good times.

I'm actually a little bummed because I've read a few Facebook updates from my friends in NOLA and I feel like... man, I'm really missing something fun.

I don't know that I am - I mean, I got some really good stuff done today.

But according to Facebook my pals are at Domenica, which means they're eating this:

Maybe I need to get off Facebook and fold laundry.

Or maybe I need to get online, buy a ticket to MSY and meet up with my peeps on Bourbon Street.

Yeah.  I think laundry.