Cray cray?

I got up at a decent hour this morning and more or less took on the day like a boss.

Went to Zumba down at the Maryland Farms Y, where they have the class in a room that is so badly laid out, it's not even funny.

I felt completely crowded in by people who got there way after me.  Because I have issues about personal space.

But I like the instructor, and I needed the exercise.

After class, I went to JoAnn Fabrics.  To buy gingham to make kitchen curtains.  I asked for four yards, cut into one yard increments. Apparently, they can't do that. Store policy.  If they had been busy, I might have understood.  But the place was deserted. Oh well.  So I bought four yards and I'll cut it myself.  Thanks for nothing, jerks.

I picked up lunch at Bishop's, and now... now. I'd like a nap, actually.

But I think I'll sew some curtains. 

It's Mother's Day.  I called and talked with my mother.  I've been celebrated by lots of people at the Y, even though I'm not a Mom.

Not even to a dog, this year.

I should explain.  I'm sans kids by choice.  But that doesn't make it occasionally awkward.

This would be an occasion.

Oh well.  Time to make some curtains.