Whither the hearts, snakes and doves?

When I was in college, I was in a sorority.  Sigma Kappa, since you're probably wondering.  I wasn't the best sister in the world, but I'm sure there were worse.

The point of this is not to assess my personality in college.  The point is to tell you about something we used to do in our Chapter meetings.

At the end of our weekly Chapter, before we adjourned to the second floor for naked tickle fights and brushing our hair, we'd have Shiny Pearls and Wilted Violets - shout outs for positive or not so positive things that happened between sisters over the week:


"I'd like to give a shiny pearl to Amy, because she brought me back a Frosty when she went to Wendy's because she knew I had a sore throat and she's awesome!"

What woman doesn't love a good Pearl Necklace (SNERK!)

"A wilted violet to Jenny for forgetting to meet me at the library between classes - but I ran into Josh from the Sigma Pi house and he gave me a ride home, so shiny pearl to him."

The modest violet.

So, this could go on endlessly.  In retrospect, I think this was pretty passive-aggressive.  Anyway, it usually ended with someone saying,

"I'd like to give Heather a shiny pearl for last Thursday afternoon, and she knows why."

Recently, I mentioned something about the universe providing you exactly what you need.  Well, I believe that.  It's super easy to believe that when what you need is also exactly what you want.

I think the Rolling Stones may have performed a song about it.

I'm a little annoyed with some things that are going on in and around work/life and I'm tired, and I'm in a pissy mood.   I don't want to really get into it, because it's basically all in my head, and if I were to explain it to you,  you'd realize my mind is about as screwed up as one of those houses on Hoarders.

Like this, but not as fluffy and non-threatening.

So I'd like to give the universe a wilted violet for not giving me what I want. But a great big shiny pearl for giving me what I need.  I think.  I hope.

And the universe knows why.