Taking a bite out of the Big Apple...

So, as I think I mentioned a floppity-jillion times, I went to New Jersey/New York last week.

Here’s the deal.  We have a customer who holds an annual Safety Conference.  As one of their vendors, we are asked to present. So, last year, I went to New Orleans.  This year, Jersey City.

It was good.

Here are a few photos from the trip:

This is my room - the bed was really comfortable, and the room was perfect.

Here's a view from my room.  I could also see the Statue of Liberty from my room - but it was so far away, taking a picture defeats the purpose.

Crabbie's Ginger Beer.  I inhaled two of these.  YUM.  We were at a pub called HopsScotch.  It was delicious.

The Hyatt gave you these every day in your toiletry set.  Love it.  I'm buying this from now on.

This is me, very intoxicated in front of a big shiny sculpture that is apparently a balloon animal.  My customer's finger is in the upper right corner.  It speaks to modern woman being under the thumb of her job.  It's art, people.

This pair of mirrors at the elevators on my floor made me look super hot and skinny.

 Madeleines.  Snack time at the conference. They fed us.  A lot.  Into submission. 

This is from a Jamaican place in the Newark Airport called Golden Krust.    It's a mild beef patty, and it's quite good.