Five Alive!

So, what do you know?  Five years ago, this very day, I started a blog.  You can read my initial post:


What started as a way to deal with my father's surgery and subsequent recovery has evolved into... not much more than that, honestly.

I'm still trying to sift through the litterbox that is my emotional state - get rid of the bits that clump and move forward.

Some days are better than others.

Today falls squarely in the others, and not the better.

Here's the backstory.  Our office is set up in an open floorplan - it's noisy, it's hard to concentrate, and I hate it. I've been pretty open in my hatred.

So, when we learned we were moving to a new building at the end of this year, I was stoked.  I felt certain we'd finally get a space conducive to doing business.

And today, I learned that we're moving all our furniture with us.

I learned it in a meeting for the whole company.  And my reaction was as visceral as it was vocal.

I said, loudly, "YES!!!! THANK GOD!!!! Now I can SLEEP at night."

Because I'm a jackass.

Seriously though, these curvicles  - not cubicles, curvicles were invented by the Marquis de Sade.  I'm pretty sure of it.

Now I inexplicably want some Fudge Ripple Ice Cream.

Sinister, yes?

The thing is, it just gets loud.  And chatty.  And I'm easily distracted.

So I might have lost my shit a little.

Or a lot.  Whatever.  Look, the point is that I've grown up a little in the last five years, and I've written a few damn funny posts, and a few sad ones, and a few angry ones.

But I'm always true to you, darlings, in my fashion.  Yes I'm always true to you, darlings, in my way.



Happy anniversary! I hope you know how damn awesome you are. And yeah, those curvicles suck.