Feel The Burn

I took Friday off as a Mental Health Day.  I'm a firm believer that sometimes, you just have to know your limits.  I had reached mine.  Time to take a break.

So I packed up the Mazda and got on I-24 East.  I made a few stops - the first was at the Lodge Skillet Store in South Pittsburg, TN.  I got two small, and I mean tiny, little cast iron skillets for Matt to cook eggs in.

Then I stopped for lunch in Ringgold, GA.  I decided to regress a little and go to Guthrie's.

So, Guthrie's is a chicken finger restaurant.  They used to have one in Athens, and I ate there at least once a quarter.  It's terrible for you, as evidenced by this very beige picture:

After a nutritious lunch, I finished the drive and ended up at my parents' house.  I started setting up a wifi connection for Mom's new tablet, then Mom and I went out for dinner.  I didn't take a picture, but it was chicken and pasta in a lemon sauce with capers.  It has a name, but I can't remember it.

It was also a fairly beige meal.  And beige = delicious.

Saturday morning, I headed to the mountains for Work Day.  It was a good time.  I got to see friends, chat with them, and spend a day out in the gorgeous weather.  My job was to tend a burn pile. 

At lunch, I went to take a picture of our new water system for Dad.  I also took a picture of where the wild hogs dug up our yard:

I no longer feel bad for eating bacon.

After quitting time, I cleaned up a little and went to the Board Meeting.  From there, it was back to Atlanta for some quality time with the Tribal Elders.

But first, another nutritional meal:

Note the beige is punctuated with a little chili and cheese.

The Varsity.  I needed it.  I needed it badly.  I ate it all, with pleasure.  I also got fried Peach Pies for the elders and myself to enjoy at the house.

I got home and spent the evening catching up with the 'rents.  Sunday, I cleaned the koi pond and fed the little scaly beasts for the first time all season.  They were ecstatic.

I showed Mom how to use her tablet.  Then I headed home.

It was a great weekend.

There's only one picture left to share.

Not beige.
The only downside to spending a day next to a towering inferno of burning hardwood?  Feeling the burn.  I'm a redneck!