26 and Out

So, thanks to my friend Chuck Baudelaire, whose witty musings can be found here,  I learned that there's this thing going on this month where bloggers are devoting a blog a day to each letter of the alphabet.

I wasn't feeling that, and neither was Ms. Baudelaire.  What she did was what I'm copy-catting below:

A:  Armadillos – they’re my favorite animal.  Shrinks eyes light up in dollar signs when you tell them that.  Just saying.

B: Bees.  I’m kind of loving bees right now.  Last year I was dressing up like a bee for the company-wide meeting.  This year I’m looking at a piece of bee themed jewelry to add to my  collection.

C:  C.  The grade I received in four classes in College – Economics, Statistics, Weather and Climate and… Creative Writing.  Yeah.  I was young, dumb and in looooooove.

D: Dogeared.   My newest obsession…  http://www.dogeared.com

E: Eating.  I don’t have an eating disorder.  Sometimes my eating is a little disordered, but it’s not quite the same thing.

F: French.  I minored in French in college.  It’s been ever so useful.  Not really, but I sound good speaking it.

G:  Guilt.  Along with Anger and Amusement this rounds out the trifecta of my most common emotions.

H:  Hallucinations.  Olfactory Hallucinations.  I swear someone opened up a gallon of Mr. Bubble and poured it out on the carpet near my desk.

I: Ice.  It’s good for hockey.  It’s great in beverages.  I love ice.

J: Job.  Love your job and you’ll never work a day in your life.  Thankfully, I love my job.  Some days, it’s still work, though.

K:  Kale chips.  These are suddenly popular.  You can have ‘em.  Blech!

L:  Lola.  I still miss her.  Duh.

M:  Mary Worth.  I read it every day.  I started in college, stopped for a while then picked her back up when I moved to Nashville.  M is also for Meddling Biddy.

N:  New Orleans.  I wish I could go again this year, but it’s expensive.  Instead I’m going to Newark.  For work.

O:  Opossums.  Scarier than snakes.  Way, way scarier.

P:   Possums.  I hate them so much, I’m listing them twice.

Q:  Quirky.  Yes, yes I am.

R:  Ringo Starr.  My favorite Beatle.  Not the best or most talented Beatle.  But I love me some Octopuses Garden.  And he amuses me.

S:  Showtunes.  I’m addicted to them.  Book of Mormon is in heavy rotation these day.  I also like The Last 5 Years.  And South Pacific and Avenue Q.

T: Tea.  Unsweet.  Ok, I prefer it sweet, but I refuse to drink the calories.

U: Underwear.  I need more.  Last summer, I was traveling so much I couldn’t keep up the supply/demand  J curve.  I bought some really cheap stuff and it’s starting to disintegrate.

V: Vinegar.  So the French word is vinaigre, which literally means “soured wine”.  And what is vinegar but soured wine?  I love it when I teach myself new things.

W:  Words.  I use the words awesome and amazing too often.  I’ve made a conscious effort to correct.

X:  X-Rays.  Aside from dental x-rays, and the stuff at the airport, I’ve gotten to nearly 40 years without needing an x-ray.  Go, me!

Y: Yvor.  This is the name I settled on for my new car.  The YYY license plate dictated a name starting in Y.  And I think my car is definitely male, so.

Z: Zumba.  Because I freaking love it.  I love it so much, it hardly feels like torture.


You know what? I'm going to do your list now! Maybe we could start a counter-trend of an alphabet a day!