With noodles?

Big weekend so far, and it's not over yet.

Met the Zumba Girls at Holland House - a trendy place in East Nashville - for drinks and dinner last night.  Had a Warsaw Mule - homemade Ginger Beer, Polish Vodka and Lime, fried heirloom tomatoes and a cheese plate... YUM.

I love me some cheese.

Today, I went and got the express keratin blowout (worth every penny), and did some housework.  Then tonight, I had dinner with Matt and Sebastian at Vienerfest - the new Austrian/German restaurant near the Parthenon.  We all had schnitzel.  Mine was chicken with a pepper sauce. I did not opt for either spaetzle or potatoes.  I had red cabbage and cucumber salad.


Tomorrow, I start getting ready for a long week.

Turns out I'll be going to Dalton Monday for some fun and games with a potential client.  I'm not driving and frankly, that's all that matters.  I should be back by supper time.

Tuesday morning, I head out to Buffalo.  One of my customers has given me a heads up on where to get a meal there - and believe me, we will - though I think we will have to wait til Thursday.

So, basically, I have to be more or less packed and ready before I hit the ground running Monday.

Which means tomorrow, I'm going to the grocery store, and maybe, if I feel ambitious, I might hit the mall.

I'll almost definitely hit the mall.

And we Spring Forward tonight.

That, combined with traveling into Eastern Time should make for a fun week.