Viva Nashvegas

Pretty lazy weekend, thus far. 

I slept about 12 hours last night, going into this morning.  I apparently needed it.

I woke up in time to hit the noon Zumba down at Maryland Farms.  I got there early enough to get a front row space, but I got the feeling that this woman behind me who kept edging up on me wasn't too pleased.  I kept talking with Ingrid and girlfriend kept trying to talk to us.  I should have just called her on it.

Now, there's a chance she was just being friendly.  I have to say, I was a little groggy there for a bit. 
I managed to get through class without incident, but I wasn't the graceful little gazelle you might imagine.

After class, I came home and crashed for a little bit - because, let's be honest, that half-day of sleep just didn't cut it. 

Tomorrow, it's grocery shopping day.  I need to hit Trader Joe's and Kroger.  I have some great coupons to use.

Yeah, I'm pretty boring.

Oooh - I bought some shoes.

Initially, I wanted a pair from Land's End.  The problem is, they're not available til 4/11, and I need them for a trip on 4/15.  No dice.

So for an extra $30, I'm getting these:

Both Work Husband and Home Husband Approved

Take that, Land's End.

Now all we need is some warmer weather - I mean, it's Spring, let's see if we can get the weather to cooperate.

I'm thinking tomorrow, I am going to go to Charming Charlie's and get accessoried up for the new season.

I think I need long beads in orange.  Really.  Orange.

Why not?

As for now, I'm winding down the night with a little Daniel Tosh standup on Comedy Central.   After him, we get Louis C.K., who is, I have to say, freaking hilarious. 

I've heard this entire Tosh routine on Pandora, and it's still funny.

I should do a little standup.