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So, one running joke at our office is the frequency with which we get new business cards.  I've got tons of them.  Tons.  It's hilarious.  In six years, I've gotten new cards eight times.  Really.  Lots of different reasons - new address, new company, new colors, bad print job, etc.

Since we got acquired last year, they made our company name a blend of new company old company.  And then last month, it came down that we were amputating the name of the old company.  So, time for new business cards.

My proof came to me, and it was fine - I sent it back signed off, and then last week, we got our new cards.

And with my new card, a new title:

Now, let me be clear - this was not the title on the proof that I had turned in two weeks earlier - I double checked that right away.

The title on my proof was Senior Solutions Trainer.

So somewhere between March 4th and March 21st... I got promoted.  Sort of.  In name at least.

Not sure how that happened or who signed off on it.  I have theories.  More on that in a second.

Now, the irony is that the Senior on my title is something I added a few years ago, just to see what would happen.

Here's the story.  My thorn in the side colleague kept telling people on the phone that he was the Lead Technical Specialist for our department.  It was inaccurate, and it pissed me off, so I thought, well, two can play that game, asshole... and I, just to see what would happen, added the word Lead in front of my title, Solutions Trainer, on my e mail signature file.

Right around that time, I got a new boss, and he started referring to me as Lead Trainer.  It stuck.  It went on one of my cards, and at some point during the acquisition morphed from Lead to Senior.

And now... well.

My theory is that my new, new boss bestowed it upon me in lieu of a merit increase this year.    We had a freeze this year and people are not happy.  I get it.  I do.

Me, I don't love it.  But I do love my good review and my new title.

I'm easy, is what I'm saying.  Easy like Sunday morning.