O Yeah!

So, Canada was pretty great.

We got stopped at customs for not having work permits - I was finally able to prove we had the right to be there with our contract.

Here's my view from where we sat, waiting to get cleared:

There's a portrait of the Queen of England on the wall.  No shit.

They finally let us leave.  About 2 hours later.

Our first stop in Canada was at The Beer Store:
I only drank two.  I gave the rest to my colleague who gave them a good home.

We got a quick dinner, then went to the hotel.

The next morning, per my mandate, we stopped at Tim Horton's:

Fucking Delicious

We met with the customer, did our magic and then headed out for dinner.

We ended up at an Irish Pub called O'Finn's Temper.

This was on the wall at the entrance:

I agree.  Especially with number five.

We had a great dinner - I had a lamb burger, studded with garlic and mint, crusted in blue cheese, dressed with Guinness mustard and arugula.  On this bun so fresh and toasty...

Anyway - I also drank 2 pints of a local microbrew - Creemore's Lager.  YUM.

Went back to the hotel and drunkenly filled in timesheets.

The next morning, back to the client site.  I had to skip lunch to get on a training call.  I got this from the lobby of the hotel:

Fruit and Nut?  Plus milk - that's practically Muesli!

We finished up with our customer and headed back to Buffalo.  After a pitstop at...

Niagara Falls.

Cold.  As. Living.  Hell.

Hello, falls.

From there, we headed to Schwabl's in West Seneca, NY.

When I found out we were flying into (and staying in) Buffalo overnight, I called one my customers who grew up there and asked for a recommendation.

He told me about Schwabl's.  In business since 1837.  They serve a few things, but they're known for paper thin slices of roast beef served on a Kummelweck roll.  Which, for those of you not in the know, is a Kaiser roll with kosher salt and caraway seeds on top.

And that's exactly what I had.  Roast Beef on Weck.

I like my meals like I like my men.  Hot, beige and salty.

I ate like a woman possessed.  It was indescribably good.  That's coleslaw and German potato salad, with pickles and a beet garni.

Whoa.  I immediately sent the picture to my customer with a raving note of thanks.

We got to the hotel, and slept til early this morning.

It was 14 degrees out and snowing sideways when we hit the airport.

There was a slight delay before takeoff... they had to de-ice our plane:

It looks cold because it is.  

And with that, we stopped in Baltimore, we got on our second leg and landed in Nashville a few minutes early.

I went into the office, did a few calls and now I'm home home.

And glad of it.

Although, as you can tell, I didn't exactly suffer in Canada and Upstate New York.

Except for the dry skin.  Which, isn't nearly the fun it should be.