Blame Canada!

So, we've recently had issues with customers contracting us to come onsite, but then not wanting to pay our travel expenses.

In one case, the sales guy basically told the customer that we wouldn't charge him for travel.  So now, we're charging sales for it.

And that's why, for the first time in nineteen years, I'm headed to Canada.

The first time I went I was in college - went for the International Comedy Festival in Montreal - Festival Juste Pour Rire (just for laughs).  Loved it.

This time, we're heading to the burbs of Toronto, where I plan to indulge in Tim Horton's, and if I can find it, poutine.  Although, I believe that's more of a Quebecois delicacy.

Who cares?  I'm going to CANADA!!!

By way of BUFFALO!

Might get to see NIAGRA FALLS.

Although, I asked one of my customers, who is from Buffalo what we should do the night we stay there.

He recommended a mall.  Proof that he doesn't know me that well.

In other news, I'm getting my hair done this weekend - a keratin treatment, much needed.  Might also get a little shopping in.  I need clothes.  What else is new?

Nothing, as it happens.  House is still a mess, but now that I feel better, that will change.

This weekend has a lot going on, but I think I can get things wrestled into shape.

And apparently, I need to pack.