Year of the Snake

Today, I slept in.  Well, I got up early to send Matt off for a class he's taking today, then I rolled over and fell asleep til 10AM.

It was good.  I cannot tell a lie.

I've been working on decluttering and putting things in their correct place ever since.  I stopped for a quick lunch, and I'm going to start up again here in a minute.

At 5:30, I am having dinner with the women from my Zumba class - one of them is having a Chinese New Year party.  I don't know what to wear.  Jeans, surely, but with what?  Right? I know!  Welcome to my world. Wish I had something in a snakeskin print.

Anyway.  It's the year of the snake.  Welcome, snake.

I need to get a bottle of plum wine to take.  I do love a little wine.

And then tomorrow, more decluttering, maybe a trip to Goodwill - and maybe, if I'm good, I'll see about buying a new futon tomorrow.

So far, February is playing out much better than January.  I cannot tell I lie, though - I miss Lola.  I'm finding all kinds of dog stuff in the hoard piles throughout the house - so those are getting put away, or more often, tossed.

There will be another dog.  Maybe next Spring.  This Spring is for cleaning and purging.  Purging the house.  I don't purge.  We all know, I'm all about the binge.

Make it a great day!