Why not?

So, today, I went offsite for a little Professional Development - I belong, at least monetarily, to ASTD - a professional org for trainers like me.  I've been a member for a year, this was the first thing I've ever attended.

It was A Day of Learning.  And here's why I went - the second keynote of the day was Second City - the improv people.  Talking about Improv to Improve your Training...

So that was a no-brainer.

The rest of the breakouts I attended were all over the place - I went to one that focused on some upcoming technology.  I went because the presenter is from a company founded by two former employees of my current company - and, the guy who hired me also now works there.

I went to one on Ten Steps to a Thriving Career - it was all over the place.  I basically need to dress better, network more and feed those people who are my champions with sound bites about how special I am.  I couldn't take my eyes of the hideous necklace the presenter was wearing.  Or, the unfortunate shirt choice.  It was an eyesore kind of session.

The last one of the day with with an Integrative Wellness Practitioner who ran us through some Qi Gong and meditation exercises.  I enjoyed that because watching so many people look completely uncomfortable was beautiful, and the relaxation techniques were quite nice, too.

And in between all that, I watched my email explode.  Great fun! 

So tomorrow, back to practice, no theory. 

And no Second City people to envy.

But... maybe I can put out at least one of the flaming bags of dog poo that was left at my doorstep.

Now, onto other news.

Since the Day of Learning was here in town, I popped over to the Mazda dealership and picked up my license plate, and they put it on the car for me.


266 YYY

Why?  Why?!?!  WHY?!!?!?!

I love it, naturally.

I'm thinking now that my car's name needs to start with a Y.

I'll get back to you.

I'm feeling better, incidentally - thanks to Augmentin.  Of course, I forgot that Augmentin gives me terrible heartburn.  So that's not fun, but it is helping.  I would give anything to not have to blow/wipe my nose every 10 minutes, but one thing at a time, I guess.

I "made" dinner for the first time in about 2 weeks - which is to say, I bought a baked chicken and some pre-done mashed potatoes, and steamed a bag of broccoli in the micro.  I think that counts.

In a bit here, I'm going to my friend Rosie's to watch a little Project Runway.   And blow my nose.


I got to talk to two people who work at Second City.  They loved me.

No, really.