I woke up this morning feeling more normal than I have in two weeks.  I mean, it's a weekend and I'm up and dressed before noon.

I'm still a little phlegmy, and I don't want to leave the house without Kleenex, but I feel basically decent.

And I think I'm done bitching about this whole episode.

January was tragic, February has been consumed with health problems.  March should be astonishing.  Really.

I'm starting to gear up for Spring.  I've made a few wardrobe purchases, I have a few more in mind.

Basically, I'm ready for what's next, whatever that ends up being.

I'm leaving the house today, going to get a little Vitamin D, and some fresh scenery.  Even if it's just Costco, I haven't seen it in months!

Also, I want lunch. We got a giftcard to Longhorn at Christmas - I think a little red meat might do us good. 

So, let's have a great day.