Things I think you should know

1.  I could watch the screaming goats YouTube clip for hours.  And hours.  And hours.  Holy shit, that's funny.  Haven't seen it?  Crawl out from under your rock and peep this:

2.  The version with Taylor Swift?  Even better: 

3.  I talked with Mom and Dad on the phone.  I think it might be time to go for a visit.  Possibly this weekend.  I'm concerned.  Dad doesn't sound good.  

3a.  Being a grownup?  Sucks.    It's no screaming goats, that's for damn sure.

4.  I've decided I like hockey better than baseball.  Sacrilege?  Maybe.  But how many times has your beer gotten hot at a baseball game?  Mmm hmm.  At a hockey game?  Exactly.

5.  I'm glad for my inhaler.  Why?  I need it.  I've been short of breath today, yesterday and so on.

6. Work is going pretty well.  I apparently suck less at my job than we thought.  I say this because I got a review that was better than I expected, and probably kinder than I deserved.  I'll take it - don't get me wrong - I'm thrilled.  Just stunned.

7.  I have a sum of money we'll call $X.  I have two things I could do with that sum, one being something I really want to do.  The other is something I want to do as well, but also really *need* to do, and the sooner I get it done, the better.   Naturally, they both cost exactly $X, and neither of them are really something that could be handled via payment plan.

7a.  See 3a.  I'll end up going with the need rather than the want.  And that?  Sucks.

8.  The soundtrack to Book of Mormon is so great.  How great?  I've listened to Hello and I Believe almost as much as screaming goats.

9.  I fucking love my new car.  Fucking.  Love.

10.  I miss Lola.  Duh.  I saw a post on FB today about sleeping with dogs:

Lola was a Puzzle with me.  I thought about her a lot while I was sick.  A lot. She would have been a comfort.    My friend Jim said, "Just remember the good times."  They were all good times.  Really - even when she was bad, she was great.

Once, she and Sadie decimated an Easter cake.  Then she stole a whole sausage link (like an andouille, I think) and ran around the table with it.  Like Daytona, with sausage.  That was terrible, and great, and I miss her.  Damn, I miss her.

11.  I need a facial.  I made the mistake of mentioning this on FB - forgetting that I'm friends with an aesthetician, who I'm sure is great, but I can't afford.  If I end up in Atlanta this weekend, I may just hit up Spa Sydell and call it a day.

12.  I booked travel to Newark for April today.  CAT Conference.  I am looking forward to that.  Probably too much.  It can't possibly live up to the conference in NOLA last year.  Although Newark and New Orleans start with the same three letters, they are in fact, worlds apart.

13.  I called Mom.  I'm going to visit this weekend.

14.  Have I mentioned 3a., recently?