I had a very long and meandering dream this morning where I was in a play about a softball team.  My first line in the play was:


To which another female character replied, "I beg your pardon?!"

"Peanuts, Popcorn, Cracker Jacks!"  I replied.

I had another scene in the play where I grabbed a male players ass and said, "Nice buns, there, hot stuff!"

His response, "I've told you many times, my name is Consuelo."

It was weird.  And as a result of this play, which seemed to be part of some kind of summer theatre workshop, I was nominated for Best Actress.

I don't know if I won - because then I was designing sets and creating a painting for the sets, and I started talking with my boss (my real life boss) about making sure that the paintings on the set were archetypal.

And then, Matt came in and woke me up to see if I wanted anything from Sonic.  For the record, the answer is always, "Yes, I'll have a large Coke Zero."

Now, I'm spending the afternoon attempting to wake up, and here in a minute, I'll go clean out the fridge, and start making lunch - a homemade pizza.  Then, I need to hit up the Kroger, maybe another quick jaunt out to Trader Joe's.

Later this week, I'll be turning my white chocolate lobster, a Christmas gift from my Mainers, into baked goods for Valentines day.  It should be fun, I think.   I'm looking at a white chocolate, oatmeal pecan cookie.  Nuts!

In other news, there's really not a lot of other news.  I apparently ate quite a bit of sodium at Chinese New Year, because I'm hella swole.

Time to push fluids in a big way.

And it's really warm here this weekend - I think we'll open some windows and let the early Spring in.

A huge nanny nanny boo boo to my friends in the Northeast who are enjoying the damage from Nemo.  It's warm here.


I had a little retail therapy last night.  Ordered something cute and fun for myself.

Fabulous looking model not included.

They offered this blouse in other colors and designs at Lands End last year and I never ordered it, even though I coveted it, madly.  This year, I took the plunge.  I know it'll pay for itself.

My plan is to debut it in Newark in April, and then wear the living hell out of it all summer.

I have a lot of plans, what can I tell you?

I've been eyeballing a new raincoat from Eddie Bauer.  Do I dare spend the money?  Maybe next month.

Hard to believe we're nearly half through this one.