Mayonnaiseless Marriage

So, Matt doesn't eat mayonnaise.  And I'm not saying, he won't pull out a jar of Hellmann's and a spoon and dig in.

That would be gross.  Really, what are we - animals?   Even I won't do that.  And I generally don't use it on sandwiches either - so I'm not a mayonnaise enthusiast, by any means, but I do recognize its culinary value.

However, he won't eat anything prepared with mayo, which means that all of the following are off the menu:

- Egg Salad

- Deviled Eggs

- Tuna Salad

- Chicken Salad

- Pimiento Cheese

- Potato Salad

- Macaroni Salad

- Cole Slaw

It's not a deal breaker.  It's not as if he's a man who doesn't believe in evolution.  Or a man who refuses to have pets.  Or a man who refuses to use deodorant... or, heaven forbid, a man who eats...Miracle Whip. 

But it does kind of put the kibosh on some things that I make, and I make quite well.

I use my Father's recipe for most of the above, and I should tell you, his coleslaw is delicious.

It's four ingredients - salt, dill weed, cabbage and mayonnaise.  I should explain that by mayonnaise, I basically mean Hellmann's.  I become brand loyal at a young age.

Anyway, it's also very easy, especially with the advent of bagged shredded cabbage. 

Now, I can live with not eating lots of egg salad and pimiento cheese, to say nothing of potato salad - because let's face it - they're not exactly good for you.  And, I can get them down at Mom and Dad's should I run dangerously low in my cholesterol levels (it hasn't happened yet, but I keep hoping).

And, I've got a potato salad made with sour cream as a binder.  I have a pasta salad that uses pesto, or, in a pinch, vinaigrette.

But the lack of coleslaw is something of a pain in the ass.  I've made Asian slaw from time to time - and it's OK.  But, sometimes the meal you're making doesn't lend itself to a sesame dressing.  Sometimes, you just need slaw that is slaw.

Tonight, I made fish tacos.  Which is to say, I heated up some small halibut filets I got from Trader Joes in the oven and opened a can of refried beans.  From there, I started on the cabbage to go with.  And I made a Mexican slaw that might work.

Here's what I did.  I put a bag of cabbage into a bowl.  For the dressing, I used a few good dollops of sour cream (light), with a large blurp of Trader Joe's salsa verde and a healthy shake or three of dill weed - I whisked it into a slurry and mixed it into the cabbage.  The verdict:  delicious.  We both ate some.  I ate more, but I really, really like cabbage. 

Now, there's one other thing I make really well that Matt doesn't care for.  Tuna Noodle Casserole.

I KNOW.  I love it.  Love.  LOVE.

It used to be Matt would go out of town from time to time and I'd make a casserole and eat it while he was gone.  Now I'm doing the traveling and I haven't had a good Tuna Casserole in ages.

Full disclosure:  I may have, once or twice, eaten cookie dough for dinner when he was traveling.

Look, it's not perfect - we have our struggles like any couple - but we make it work.  Even without mayo.