I have a theory.

So it snowed here in Music City last night.

You would never know that a hoarder lives here.

Looks like a Winter Wonderland, doesn't it?

Well, point being, I got up, checked out the window and thought, "looks good".  Got on Google Maps to check traffic - green all the way to the office.

And then, I opened the News Channel 5 App on my smart phone.

Metro schools:  Closed.   In fact, with a few exceptions, every county within 50 miles appears to have closed.  Why?  Black ice.

Now, black ice is real - it's scary and nobody, not even the most hardened Canadian can drive on black ice - unless they have a Zamboni or spiked tires.

But the streets were dry.  There was no black ice.  There was no pink ice. 

There was some ice on my windshield, but that's to be expected.

So here's what I think.

Black ice is the lie we southerners tell ourselves to feel better about the fact that we're total pussies when it comes to cold weather.

I made it to work without incident.


It gets worse as you get farther south, pussy-wise. :) Is that your house? That is the prettiest house EVER.