Complaining, again.

I spent the weekend basically laid out with this damn virus.  The fever is FINALLY under control.  Finally.

The sinus pressure and pain are still abundantly with me, as well as the wheezing and feeling that someone is sitting on my sternum.  This is all "normal".

Here's how sick I've been - I got my packages from Lands' End Friday.  They're in the front room, unopened.

I have to also throw together some nice clothes for tomorrow - we have a customer in house.  So no jeans.

I'll have to be well enough to go in.  Even if I'm not, I'm going.

Thankfully, it's a short demo, and out.

I have to think I've lost a few pounds this week, but even if not, I'm thinner than I was before it started - just because I'm not eating.

Although, I am a little hungry.

For pizza. Or Five Guys.

I am, therefore, probably not dying.

This time.


PS - I could also use a Saline Firehouse.  Like a neti pot, but more effective.