Well, crap

So, as I think I mentioned, I kind of ran myself into the ground this week.

But then as these things will happen, I ended the week getting run into by a Honda.  Like so:

Aw, fuck.

So, totally not my fault.  The other car ran smack into me.  Good news?  New front spoiler.

Bad news.  I'm without a car for a few days.  Or more.

We'll see.  I need to find out if I get a rental from this little incident.

I'm fine - totally fine.  Banged my knee on the console, rattled my filling a little, but by morning, I'll be fine as kind.

Let's be honest though.  This is not what I needed.

But it's my own fault - I am the one who said I just wanted to crash this weekend.




Ouch! Poor car, and poor Allie. If your insurance company springs for a rental car, make sure you get one with satellite radio. ;)