Two Thousand and Late

Today, I had leisurely lunch with a small subset of "the gang".    We went to Cinco de Mayo  - on the first day of January.

Because they have pitchers of Margaritas, naturally.  And cheese dip.  YUM.

This week will end with more of a whimper than a bang - I need to do some training, get a few things in order for next week - because that's when the fun starts.

We're having the annual departmental meeting - policy review, product overviews, trust falls - and then in the end, we all gather around a campfire and sing Kumbaya.  Or something.  I figure it's good for a few free meals, the chance to see friends from Colorado, Maine and parts hither and yon.  Plus, I get to give a presentation. And I do love good attention. Or bad attention.  Whatever.

So.  I also bought a new lampshade.  Sopa de pollo and home decor - that's been the theme of my 2013 so far. 

Not terrible, actually.

Not terrible at all.