So, after some meds and a good night's sleep, I'm doing pretty well.

I do, as it happens, get a rental - I have to pay 20% of the cost, but that is chump change for the convenience of having a car.

I was perusing the lot at the rental place and saw a cute, tiny little Fiat that I would have enjoyed.  I ended up with a Nissan Versa.  Oh well - not a bad little car.  It's like a fishbowl on wheels.  And it's red.  Of course.

I have someone eventually coming to tow the Corolla and repair it.

It's fine.  I'm fine. 

So, there's one thing that came out of all of this that's definitely good.

I have finally got a name for the car.

We bought it in April 2009 - and I haven't named it.

I drove Laura's car as my first car - she called it The Ass Kicker.  It was a blue 1984 Pontiac Sunbird.  My next car was a 1994 Pontiac Sunbird and it was the Red Hot Chili Pepper (it was red, duh),

The Toyota Echo, I named Zippy.  I lost Zippy, you'll recall, in a tornado. I still miss that car.

But at some point during the night, heavily medicated, I came up with a name for my car.




My Dixie Wrecked

Yeah, I'm twelve.

So there you have it.  My lemonade.  Just take lemons, dick jokes and a sense of perspective and stir.

Best served cold, with a splash of vodka!