People. People who need people...

I think it goes without saying that this really hasn't been my month, yes?

Well, I left Ohio yesterday, early in the morning.  Joked with the TSA agent who noticed I was bringing back sausage from Schmidt's in my carry-on.  It's apparently not only OK, but pretty common.  I actually asked, "Are you eyeballing my sausage?"  I didn't realize how bad that could've gone until moments later.

I got on the plane, found a good seat next to two very pleasant ladies headed to Florida for a birthday celebration.

I got off the plane, got my bag and headed to car rental.  I struck up a conversation with the agent about why I was renting, what kind of new car I was interested in and so forth.  I requested a economy - the cheapest thing they had.  She set it up in the system and said, "Now, I'm going to courtesy upgrade you to an Elantra - it's a little more substantial and I think you'll feel safer in that."

She also found me a few discounts.   I'm now driving the Elantra, and it has XM.  Which I have tuned to 72 - Broadway's Best!  It's a nice car  - it feels sturdy and safe.

I drove in the pouring rain directly to the office and parked carefully.  I pulled on my coat and headed into the office.  Halfway there a guy with a huge golf umbrella stopped and shared it with me the rest of the walk to the office.

People are kind.   That's my point.

Now, let's switch gears for a bit.

You know how I have problems with process, documentation, being analytical, yes?  Yes.

Yesterday, I wrote not one, but two emails that proved maybe I'm not completely worthless in that realm.

One of them was a summary of a meeting I was in to my new boss, outlining concerns I had with a project that our Product Developers were launching and that I'm a stakeholder in.  Even as I was doodling a picture of a hand holding a steak during the meeting, I was coming up with my concerns in a bullet point list to give to the boss.

I came back to my desk, wrote it up and sent it.  I was so proud, I sent it to my friend, Jim.  He replied with, "Your fifth point sums up exactly what's wrong with our process".

I felt like a kid who'd just been given a gold star for her book report.

Now, bosslady hasn't said anything about it, but that's OK.  I proved to myself something that I needed to know.  I'm smart enough to do this.  I'm organized enough to do this.  I can, and I will DO THIS.

On the way home, I talked with Mom - admitted what we all know - I'm depressed.  I need to eat better, rest up, exercise - you know - all the usual pain in the ass boring stuff.  The meds will do their best, too.

So last night, I came home and completely crashed - I slept.  I slept a lot.  I finally got up about an hour ago, and I'm kind of thinking I could totally go back to bed.

But, while my thoughts may be organized, my home is not.  Today I need to launder, clean, straighten and schlep.    I need to buy and wrap a gift for a baby shower, and I really want to take a big bag of stuff to get shredded.   I also ought to hit up the Goodwill with donations, and I've got to get to the grocery store.

I'm also thinking that Matt and I need lunch at La Hacienda.  Caldo de Res, with lots of lime and cilantro.  Soup heals.  It does.