Let's get this out of the way.

Time for my 2013 Resolutions, yo.

1.  Get to work earlier.  I usually skate in anywhere from about 8:07 - 8:13. I can do better.  And yes, I do usually work a full eight, and sometimes longer, but it's about discipline.

2.  Get back on Weight Watchers and quit playing chicken with the scale.  Because I can't beat the scale.  And I want to look good.  And I want to feel good.

3. Tone down the swearing.  We know I can't stop.  I can't.  I love the F bomb.  I love saying "HOLY SHIT!" when the situation warrants.  But I can tone it down.

4.  Stop saying things that shouldn't be said by anyone:  amazeballs, totes presh, foshdef.  I can keep whatevs.  Whatevs stays.  Amazeballs goes. 

Addendum to #4.  Find a small arsenal of words to use instead of awesome and amazing.  As awesome and amazing as they are - I'm not 14.

5. Start eating dinner in the dining room.  Sitting down.  Taking a deep breath between bites and quit inhaling dinner standing in the kitchen. 

6. Enjoy Lola until it's time to end her suffering.  It may be weeks, it may be months.  But having a dog means taking care of her when it's easy, and when it's painful.  The easy part is coming to an end.  But I can still enjoy the good times until there aren't good times to enjoy.

Old girl is a little bloated, but she loves couch time with her people. She's indifferent to her Christmas bandanna.

7.  Visit friends in the cities I go to for work.  I have tons of pals in Chicago.  A few in Ohio, and of course, New York.  I need to connect with them. 

8.  Move more.  Take the stairs, take classes at the Y, and walk around the neighborhood.

9.  Surprise myself.  In 2012 I mastered stir-fry, I drove in downtown New York City, I represented my product at our company's HQ.  I made bread.  I installed a garbage disposal  - electrical AND plumbing - all by myself.  What else can I do?  Anything I decide on.   And that's pretty amazing stupendous.

10.  Learn a few funny clean jokes.  Like this one:  What's brown and sticky?  A stick.  Maybe funnier and cleaner.

11.  Blog often.  Because I never know who's reading (you, for example).