Jiggety Jig

I went to visit my parents this weekend - a trip that's been in the works since Christmas.

It was bittersweet to spend time with their pugs - made me miss the old beast, but as Dad promised they put me right to work - they had a party today for President Obama's inauguration. 

So we did party prep and we did it big.

Here was the table, laden with chow:

It was a terrific party - all the other liberals in the neighborhood came.  I love that my parents have friends in their neighborhood - it makes me feel better about not coming down as often.

It was a good weekend, but I'm exhausted.  Right now I have some clothes in the washer and some in the dryer so that I can pack a bag - I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon to spend a big ton of time in Ohio.

Ironically, my rental car is from Ohio, or has Ohio plates, at least.

And speaking of...

They totaled Dixie.

So, once I get back from Ohio, and the money arrives from the insurance agency, I'll be car shopping.

I can say one thing with complete certainty.

My next car will NOT be red.

Other than that, who can say?

Time for a bath - gotta do my pre-travel shaving.

I know, I know - too much information.

As usual.