It's the little things

So, I got a card today.  From our vet's office.  And it was signed from everyone at the office - from the sweet receptionist, Douglas, to the doctors, with personal notes that clearly meant they knew Lola.

And finally, I broke down. 

I wailed for a good thirty minutes, and wouldn't you know, I feel a lot better.

We also got a card from some friends in Georgia.  The world is full of kind people.

I got my estimate from the Auto Repair shop.  It's a gray area.  The cost of repairs is high, but may not be high enough for them to total it.

Now, we watch.  We wait.

And you know, patience is my best virtue.

I cannot tell a lie though - I have been doing a little research... the Mazda 2 is awfully cute...  so is the Ford Fiesta.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with a repaired Corolla.

Patience, grasshopper.