Good game...

This weekend has been epic in laziness.  Epic.  Now, OK.  I did take 28 pounds worth of old bank statements and credit card offers to Office Max where they will be securely shredded.

And I bought a gift for a baby shower, after standing, dithering in Target for about a half hour trying to figure out what the hell to get.  I ended up getting a bunch of stuff with this motif:

Look, the kid is likely to be a redhead like her mother, and all that pink is going to be a disaster.

I went to the shower today, and it was cute.  It kind of stressed me out because there were a handful of young ankle biters running around being "adorable" - I don't do well with kids.  I don't do well at showers.  There were pigs in a blanket - I aced those.

Basically, I'm not doing well.  I recognize this, and I have no idea what to do to pull it together.

I need to get some laundry going.  

I need to get my ass back to the YMCA, where I'll start Zumba, get back to the pool and maybe that'll trigger some better eating habits.

And I'll lose 20 pounds, start to regain some of that confidence, lose even more weight, and in no time...

But even thinking about it makes me want to crawl into bed for a nap.

To clarify - another nap.