Frah GEE Lay

I had one of those training sessions from hell today where the woman who is supposed to be championing the project basically told her entire team, in front of me, that the software is mostly crap, but should help them with a few things.

So, that created a roomful of twenty highly engaged trainees.  Who were rude, rowdy and in one case on the front row, narcoleptic.

I felt like I was getting kicked in the teeth, stomach and ass repeatedly.

F You, Buckeye State (Specifically Delaware County and Hebron)

As I told a colleague on my way back to the hotel, I was tempted to stop at the Red Lobster next to my place, get shitfaced and eat shrimp.

I'm 38 years old, and I've never eaten at a Red Lobster.  Why start now?

I got a value meal at the local McDonald's and in a minute, I am going to bed.

It's 5:30 Central.  But I got less than 4 hours sleep last night, and I have an early flight tomorrow.  So, what the hell - I think I'll just crash.  Because also, the TV in my room doesn't appear to be working and I don't have the energy to complain to the desk about it.

I'm worn out.

I think this weekend, I'll just plan to catch up on my rest, do laundry and get to the Y.

Maybe get a massage.  Maybe not.

I feel kind of broken.  I need to start healing because frankly, it's only about to get harder.

Good night.