Let a smile be your umbrella. Or not.

The first time I saw Blade Runner was here in Nashville back in 2008.  It amazed me.  I'd heard of it from the geeky boys I dated, but based on their love of it alone, I wasn't interested.  

But there was a midnight showing at the Belcourt, so we went.  And I loved it.  At the time I saw it, I fell in love with the street scenes, and in particular, the umbrellas that people carried through the acid rain:

Three are better pictures, but basically, they're lit up through the handle.  Amazing.

So, about a month ago, I'm on the elevator at work, and I hear one grown-up geek boy telling another grown-up geek boy that he's seen these Blade Runner umbrellas online and has asked for one for Christmas.

As soon as I get to a computer, I hit up Google and a plan is born.  I asked for it for Christmas, and sure enough, on Christmas Day, I became the lucky new owner of a Blade Runner inspired umbrella.

Like so:

It's a good look - and with all the rain we've had this winter, I think it's just about perfect.

I should mention, it lights up in seven colors and does a cycle through if you so choose.

I love it.

We might need to re-watch Blade Runner tonight.

Here's how much I love that movie, if you go through my training database, you'll find Roy Batty and Rick Deckert.

Just saying.

It's a good movie.  Watch it with someone you love.