Just one of those things...

So I'm back from my adventures in Columbus, OH.  I had fun there - I enjoyed it, and I'm going back in about six weeks.

We were kicking it at the airport there last night, and a song came on the Starbucks of Terminal A.  It was Sarah Vaughn's rendition of Just One of Those Things, by Cole Porter.  I love the song, but not that version.  I had a CD with a version that I loved - but that CD is long gone, and it's out of print, and I can't remember who sang that version.

Whither a good compilation absent Sinatra and Torme?

It's out there somewhere.  In the meanwhile, here's the lyrics:

It was just one of those things,
just one of those crazy flings.
One of those bells that now and then rings,
just one of those things.
It was just one of those nights,
just one of those fabulous flights.
A trip to the moon on gossamer wings,
just one of those things.
If we'd thought of it, 'bout the end of it,
when we started painting the town,
We'd have been aware that our love affair
was too hot not to cool down.
So goodbye, dear, and Amen,
here's hoping we'll meet now and then.
It was great fun
but it was just one of those things.

I hadn't thought of that song in years, but I used to wear it out on the aforementioned CD.    It was a nice break from the rest of the Jingle Bell schlock they played for the hour and a half I spent sitting in there and charging my phone.

Also, they made me an eggnog latte - and I strongly believe there was no coffee in it.  Am I complaining?  Yes.  And also, for five bucks, I wish they'd toned down the nutmeg.  Dammit.