Holy Toledo

So, I was heading to breakfast with friends yesterday at Monell's when I got a frantic text from my colleague.  His house had been broken into, he didn't think he could take his scheduled trip today, what should he do?

So, this morning, I boarded a plane to Toledo for him.

Well, technically, I boarded a plane to Cleveland.  And then we drove to Fremont.  Which is near Toledo.  I ate lunch here.  At 3PM.

Frickin' Delicious

As we speak, I'm kicking it in a hotel room in Fremont, OH.  Meeting til 4 tomorrow, then back to Cleveland.  Hop a plane to MDW quick layover, then home for less than 12 hours, and then... back to the airport, and off to a different Chicago airport.  It's what I do.

I get home late Thursday.  I think I'll work a half day Friday, then clean house and get ready to go to Dalton early Saturday.  Sunday morning, I'm back to Nashville, packing up the car for Christmas, rescuing my beast, and driving back down to Dalton Monday to get Matt, then to Atlanta.

Actually, maybe kicking it lazy style in the hotel?  Not a bad idea to pre-game for the rest of the week.

I may take an early bedtime.



Unknown said…
My god that's an insane amount of traveling/going/doing.