Feast of Seven Fishes, Minus Six

So, I had a weird week of travel.  A last minute trip to Toledo by way of Cleveland, followed by an extended remix trip to the Mothership in Northbrook.

View from the conference room at Building One.  My friend Andrew pointed out our logo was backwards, and that's not very safe.  Love all the exposed beams and duct work.  The cubes are nice, too.  Office envy.  

This time, at the rental desk, they gave me a brand new car.  I was the first driver of this pretty little Mazda 2.  Zoom, zoom! Indeed.  Loved that little baby.  So fun.  So much fun.  Plus - new car smell.

The hotels I stayed in, all three of them, were great.

What's that you say?  Three hotels?  Yes.  The one in Ohio, the one in Northbrook, and the one next to Chicago Midway where I camped out after my flight got cancelled yesterday.  Snowmageddon.  Didn't really hit down that far south, and although it was bitterly cold and windy, the snow was just a dusting.  It didn't freak me out, and I'm from Atlanta.  So.

I ended up needing clean underwear, but that's why Walgreen's exists.  I hung out at the hotel watching crappy reality TV (an episode of Say Yes to the Dress that made my blood boil) and Adult Swim (ah, Squidbillies).

This morning, I hopped a flight home, and here I am.  Rock me like a hurricane.

I arrived to a huge stack of Christmas cards, which made me feel totally popular, and even better, I got a package from Maine.  I had been clued in by Derek that he, Andrew and Michelle had sent a little gift for Christmas:

Matt named him Lobbie.  I call him NomNom.

This is a chocolate lobster.  With candy lemon, an ear of corn, and chocolate drawn butter.  If' I'm not the luckiest woman in the world, I don't know who is.

It's too pretty to eat.

And I'm really not hurting for sustenance.  I ate plenty on my travels.  Some of it healthy.  Most of it, not.

Starting January, there's a new sheriff in town.  Exercise and diet become my new way of life.

Which means I'd best get started on that lobster.

Merry, merry.