So, I managed to miss the SNL Christmas Special, which of course, means I didn't see the Schweddy Balls sketch.

And more's the pity.  I do love good testicle humor.

One of my pals at work posted this on my FB page:

Thanks, Potter!

I had to laugh because one of my goals for the weekend is to throw together a batch of Rum Balls and send them to my people in Skowhegan.  I'm willing to ply people with sugar and booze if it ups my popularity quotient.

I did manage to get Christmas cards ordered and picked up.  I have a handful left to get addresses for and whatnot.  But I'm making forward progress.  And that's all I can ask, yes?

I haven't done nearly any Christmas shopping, and to be honest, it's going to be next weekend or not at all, because, well... payday is next Friday, and all.  Money makes the world go 'round, of this we can be sure, pfft on being poor (that's a song lyric from Cabaret, I'm not that clever).

I'm basically out of creative ideas, and that's got me just as stymied as the lack of positive cash flow.  Actually, I have nothing but good ideas for my mother.  It's my sister, brother-in-law and father that are keeping me up at night.

My company is doing a charity drive for some kids in a Baptist home.  For reasons that seemed excellent at the time, I chose a 15 year old boy who wanted a teen study bible.   I got a lot of advice on what to buy and from where.  The same person who posted the rum ball picture asked if I needed a pair of gloves before picking one up.  Asshole.

Although, he has a point.  I'm pretty sure clouds of sulfur wafted around me as soon as I walked into the Christian Bookstore.  I felt intimidated.  And dirty.  Very, very dirty.  Although to be fair, I had  not washed my hair that morning.  I was running late and ran some water and product through it.  I looked a little like Bozo, and felt like Beelzebub. 

Now, on the other hand, when I bought a new bike for Toys for Tots just before Thanksgiving - piece of cake.  Also - roughly the same price.

But to the kid that receives either, it's a gift.  And since I'm sure my family will be getting more than enough, that's the least I can do.

Now that I've been charitable, let me be selfish for a second.  I am dying for a massage.  I have a few travel-borne knots.  Stress at work might be doing something too.

I just have a lot going on.  And I need to work it out.

Literally, it would seem.

I took a long nap today.  I may have been a little tired.

Tomorrow, my plans are to get the rum balls under control and do a ton of laundry.  Anything else that comes up is just extra.

I did bathe Lola today - and she needed it badly.   She wasn't too keen on it, but that's too bad - you roll around in something smelly under the house, you get a bath.

It's house policy.  But no, I don't have to wash my hair if I am running late for work.

Love ya, mean it.



This post is 99.9% perfect. Well done, Allie Cat. :)