The unmitigated gall!

So, as it turns out, I'm not invincible.

Over the weekend, I woke up with killer heartburn, got up, took a little baking soda and belched for a few hours.  That was late Saturday night/ early Sunday morning.

Last night, about two hours after dinner, I was gripped with stomach cramps like I'd never had before.  Gut wrenching, agonizing pain.  I thought it was food poisoning.  I also thought I was dying.

After two hours of no relief, no vomiting, I called the Dial-A-Nurse that my Insurance Company offers.

We talked for about five minutes and she broke it down for me.  Gallbladder.

I could have smacked my own forehead.

Fair, fat and forty - of course it's my gallbladder.

It's also a wakeup call. 

Because, I don't need to do any surgery and I want to lose the weight and be all smoking hot.

Plus the pain was brutal.  I ended up (at the nurse's direction) taking an OTC painkiller, then, AMA, I took two industrial swigs of NyQuil.

I'm dragging at the office this morning, but this too shall pass.