She'll be comin' 'round the mountain...

The weather is starting to cool down some, and let's be honest - I've been a complete slacker in the kitchen.  Actually, the whole house is a hot mess.

But I was screwing around on the interwebs and saw a recipe for chicken and dumplings in the crock pot, and I thought, yes, I can do that.

It's nothing personal - you're just delicious.

So that's what is in the crock pot, crocking and potting as we speak.  It's a total cheater recipe.  Canned cream of chicken soup, Bisquick dumplings.   But since this ho made it, we're calling it homemade.  And I bought fresh herbs to pretty everything up.  So I feel good about it.  And it's a comfort food from my husband's childhood, so he's happy.

Yes indeedy..

And now, I'm waiting on Matt to get ready - we're heading to Costco, and we'll get some lunch. 

And we'll have chicken and dumplings when she comes.