Today was Oktoberfest in our Germantown neighborhood.  Interesting to note, both Chattanooga and Memphis also have areas called Germantown, leading me to believe that Tennessee had its fair share of Krauty Settlers.  This is not a bad thing.

Why?  Because it means I get to go to an Oktoberfest.

Now, I've been to Munich, and it's an amazing city.  I was there in May - I can only imagine what fall in Bavaria must be like.

But, not to be outdone, our little neighborhood has a festival, and so, I went.  I met my friends there and decided I'd have a small beer - the half liter was sufficient for my needs.  It was deliciously cold and went down easily.  One was enough.  My friends, being guys, and being better at drinking in general, all had liters, and I know that at least two of them went back for seconds (and thirds and fourths...).  The people watching was sublime.  Lots of people with dogs.  I saw at least 40 different breeds.  I'd name them here, but it's the lazy way to pad out a post, right?

We ate a little, we walked a lot, we talked and goofed and talked some more.

Randy bought a dozen of these:

Tiny little doughnuts, made right there and rolled in cinnamon and sugar.  The vendor was Ellie's Old-Fashioned Doughnuts and these are called Sweet Babies.  Yes, please.

I probably could have eaten a dozen myself.  Then I remembered, I have an angry gallbladder that would likely counter with an "Oh, no you di'int" finishing move.  I ate two.  They were amazing.

What a lovely day, though -  friends, good weather, beer, laughter and doughnuts.  I also, not to shirk my wifely responsibilities, made a nice little stir fry for dinner.  We're kicking back now, enjoying the end to a nice day.

Oh, and my neck? Better,  much, much better.  I took a Flexoril last night with a NyQuil chaser.  Kids, don't try this at home.  But it worked like a charm.  I'm still not 100%, but one more good night and I should be right as rain.