Epiphanies, and shit.

I've been totally out of sorts the past few weeks.  I'll allow a garden variety of reasons.  Ranging from the banal (PMS) to the kinetic (stiff neck) to the logistical (no travel) to the emotional (I'm feeling disconnected from the people I love).  I haven't really felt quite right.

I kind of came to a conclusion that I need to just really think about what I want as an end result and then either start doing or stop doing whatever is keeping me from that result.

I need to eat better, which I'd do if I were more organized, which I would be if I had more time, which I'd have if I would make use of my evenings, which I could do if I were more motivated, which I would be if I were getting better sleep, which I'd get if I were exercising more, and I'd be doing that if I could find more classes and... you get the idea.

We call this, in my line of work, Root Cause Analysis.  One of the ways to get to the root of a problem is to ask "why" five times.  They call this The Five Whys.  Yeah.  I know.

Anyway.  That's going to be my new modus operandi.  Because the unexamined life is not worth living.  Though, as I once wrote in a journal, the examined life is no great shakes either, sometimes.

So, that's that, bitches.