Deep, deep down, I know I'm a winner.

So, here's me, circa 10AM this morning.

Get it?


My costume, which seemed pretty evident to me eluded quite a few people.

So let me break it down for you.  I'm wearing gray.  A lot of gray.  In a lot of different shades.  How many shades?  At least four two.

I thought it was genius.  I didn't win. 

Here's a picture of me with someone who did win:

I totally didn't pose like this just so I could touch him.  No, really. I'm old enough to be older sister.  Also, it's uncanny how much I look like my mother.
My friend, Sebastian is dressed as Sergio Flores - the Sexy Sax Man.  You Tube it.  Just trust me.

Seb even learned the Careless Whisper riff on his saxophone.  He won Best Costume.  Most Creative went to a woman dressed as Sweet Iced Tea.  Just trust me on that.

I'm bummed, but if crowd reaction counts for anything, I'm winner.  It doesn't count for anything.  It's sure as hell not a gift card to Pier I.  Just saying.

But it was a good Halloween.   And now, I have a whole year to come up with another Masterpiece.  Too bad A Binder Full of Women will be passe by then.

Keep your Mounds high and dry.  I leave you with a group shot:

The Nerds also came up empty-handed, which is a travesty.  Velma, of the Scooby gang had to get back on the phones, but she was the best of the bunch.


I totally got your costume, and I haven't even read the stupid book. And...I think I love your office.
Unknown said…
I too loved it and so did Bugg! You always come up w such creative ideas :) And yes you are a winner
ae said…
Chuck, we have an amazing group that really brings it every year. I have to say, I'm glad they let us dress up.