Come Fly With Me

So, at 3:15 PM today, I hit the first of six airports in 48 hours.  That's vaguely impressive.

I'm tempted to have a pre-flight or in-flight Bloody Mary.  If I didn't have a one hour drive at the end of this rainbow tonight, I would.

I've gotten awfully cavalier about air travel.  I am cutting this arrival at the airport closer than I would ever have done in the past.

But it's our company meeting today -and that's pretty exciting.  I'm emceeing again.  My schtick this time is a red sweater vest, which is a nod to the President of our company.

As soon as it is done, I hit the parking lot and speed to BNA.  From there, CVG.  Catch a flight to PHL and then to the Avis counter for a sub-compact.  Take the car to New Jersey, and from there... sleep.

Tomorrow at 9AM, I have a call at the hotel.  Then at 1PM, I have a customer meeting.

From there back to PHL to ATL.  Catch a flight to GSO and cab it to my second Doubletree in less than 24 hours.  Thursday AM, picked up by a sales rep and we drive to Winston-Salem and meet with a customer.  Get back in car, drive to Raleigh, meet with another customer.   Drive to RDU and catch flight to ATL.  From ATL to BNA, then home.

Lord have mercy, I'm tired. By Thursday night, I may not know my name.



BNA - Nashville
CVG - Cincinnati
PHL - Philadelphia
ATL - Atlanta
GSO - Greensboro
RDU - Raleigh-Durham