Another trip around the sun.

Yesterday, I turned 38.

No big whoop.  My big day coincided with two other, more major events.

1.  The ALS Walk.  Every year, my company does a big fundraising effort for the ALS Association.  I was on a team where my presence was required at said walk.  The team, within our company with the best participation (calculated using a formula akin to differential equations) wins an extra day off - and our team was in it to win it.  So.  Got up and walked with my pals.  It was fun.  As soon as we made it close to my car, I peeled of to head to:

2. Matt's 20th High School Reunion.  GOOOO CATAMOUNTS*!

I got to meet a lot of my sweet husband's classmates.  We thought we might be able to split off to his family's Halloween party, but we were in demand, we were having fun.  There will be other Halloweens.

But lest you think my big day went unnoticed, think again.

On Friday, my dear, sweet friends at work brought me a great sussy**:

A selection of tiny cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes - a bakery specializing in...bundt cakes.

And a card with a metric ton of signatures on it.  I was delighted.

That night, I met up with my friend Jim at his apartment.  We had some work to do for his costume.  We ate some pizza,  I made a salad, and we went to Hobby Lobby and Target for some supplies.  We then blinged out his tooth fairy costume:

Jim sent me a pic.  He looked amazeballs!  That's the tooth!

Amazingly fun.

We ate the cake leftover from the office, and my sweet friend gave me a present - a Crock Pot.  Don't laugh.  It's programmable, it has the lid clamps, and I love it.  I.  Am.  Stoked.  He also gave me a birthday card that delighted me.

Yesterday, my darling husband gave me a hilarious card and a gift certificate to get a massage.  To which, I say, yeeehaw.

Both my sister and sister-in-law gave me gift cards to Amazon. I am contemplating the purchase of a Sodastream.

My very bestest BFF Connie sent me a perfect card.  Love.  Love.

I posted a few pictures on Facebook of myself, age 19, taken exactly 19 years prior:

My big sis, Amy and me.  She's a lawyer now.  Clap hard if you believe in lawyers.

Me, Brian, Beth and some dude.  Brian and I went to high school together, Beth was our sorority President. I have no idea who the last guy is.  He was nice enough.  I look fierce with those lips. Wish I could get my hair to look that nice and shiny and curly these days.  This is a long-ass caption. 

I was celebrated in high style.

And I think already, 38 is brimming with possibilities.



* A catamount is apparently some kind of mountain wildcat.  They actually have a taxidermied catamount in their trophy case at his school.

** My family's slang for a surprise.


Happy Birthday! Sounds like you did more on your special day than I do in an average month. :) Enjoy your crock pot and your massage ... but, you know, not at the same time. That would be best.