Stuck the Landing!

It was a great week.  Best of times.  No worst about it.

Here are some photos.

Blurry pic of my corporate toes. The glitter was free of charge.  The Kool-Aid is delicious.

Me and Natae.  Looking cute, stalking celebs.

Wednesday night dessert. ZOMGZOMGZOMG.  SO TASTY.

One of my customers caught me taking a photo of my own name.  Attention whore.  He called me on it.  I told him I was sending it to my Mom.  Which, after a fashion, is worse.

My new friend Ben, is giving a statement to the PoPo.  We saw a gentleman fall down in the street on the way home from dinner at Monell's.  We parked at Hustler to aid the pedestrian.  Never a dull moment.