Stirred, not shaken.

I decided to take lemons and make lemonade today -  not literally, of course. With all the excellent pre-made lemonades on the market, why would I do that? No, instead, figuratively.  I used some of my non-winning jelly to whip up a little stir-fry.

Now, I've never actually done stir-fry before - because I thought it'd be a colossal pain.  But I found a recipe in the September Southern Living that used pepper jelly, peanut butter and soy sauce as the liquid - and the veggies were all readily available at the grocery store, and the meat was flank steak, which is a good lean cut for us Weight Watchers types.

So I put aside my reservations and made stir-fry.

Why the hell didn't I do this years ago?  So easy!  SO GOOD!!!

I'll say this.  My favorite aspect of cooking is knife work.  I'm pretty solid chopping things, slicing, cutting.  It's very pleasant, I think.  So this was my kind of recipe.  And I had dinner ready in about 30 minutes, all told.  We'll be making that again, for sure!

There's something else I want to try.  Working with yeast.  I've never made a yeast bread of any kind.  I may do it tomorrow.

Because being afraid to try new things in the kitchen is just ridiculous.  It's not like anything bad can happen.  Worst case scenario - I make terrible bread and I throw it away.

Best case scenario - I make some amazing bread - and I just happen to have jelly...

I'm recovering from my defeat.  I was hurt yesterday.  Hurt, sad, mad, and frankly, just embarrassed.  I got some love and understanding from the people on Team Allison, and I'm feeling better.

I did a ton of great work on the kitchen, did some laundry, and bathed Lola.  Matt and I had breakfast together and went over to McKay's to look at books, and all told, it was a great day.

And, it's all good.


Now that I have stir-fry in my wheelhouse, we'll see what I can do with bread.