Missed connections

As I mentioned last Friday, I got a new cut and color at the local Beauty Parlor.

The resulting chatter has been highly positive. 

It makes me wonder - -just how bad did I look before?  Don't answer that.

I will also say, the nose stud is quite the hit.

But in spite of all the positive strokes, I'm feeling a little blue.  I think my departing friends have something to do with it - Colby yesterday, the Other Allison tomorrow - and changes are afoot.  People are moving into new roles, new desks, new, new, new.

And haircut and nosebling notwithstanding, I'm the same old same old girl.

Honestly, I'm a little lonely - because I feel disconnected to everyone.  I see myself reaching out, but I'm not really making contact.  It's not them, it's me.  Really. 

I just feel like I'm two measures behind on the score and trying desperately to catch up.

And I haven't been all that industrious at work or at home this week.

Eventually I'll either catch up or find a new score.

I hope.