Guest Blogger

I'm copying and pasting in here an e mail that my dear friend and colleague, Colby sent out today because I love it.

Today was his last day at our company - this was his love letter to the people he's leaving behind:

As many of you know I’m in my final time here at [Company Name Redacted].  I wish all the best.  My last request is that all of you spread terrible rumors about my leaving in order to make me appear more mysterious.  I don’t want to hinder your creativity, but here are a few suggestions…

  • ·         He bought a Cinnabon franchise in the Nashville Airport.
  • ·        After hearing there wasn’t going to be another weight loss competition he quit.
  • ·         Colby did not leave.  He just moved over to QA.
  • ·         He took a residency job singing karaoke at Script in Colorado Springs.
  • ·         He found out what is worse than a worm in your apple.
  • ·         Colby is an emergency DNC delegate and had to leave for Charlotte, NC immediately.
  • ·         I heard he was caught sleeping in the conference room.

Looking forward to hearing what you all come up with.  Fight the good fight and keep the love alive! 

Is it any wonder I love this guy?  I'll miss him.