Pitching Fits and Tents

So, recently, they sent a ton of our execs to France for a boondoggle - it was a leadership session, where they took their spouses, had a mini-vacation, did some planning, did some drinking and eating and then came back and bragged about it.

We got an email from our Business Unit's VP, where he told us all about the beauty and splendor of it.  It was a real "let them eat cake" moment.

That was early yesterday morning.  Yesterday afternoon, our company kicked off iDay.  Innovation Day.

We have been preparing for this for awhile - taking problem solving classes, learning how to write compelling presentations.

But yesterday, the festivities started.  My colleague and friend Colby and I decided to team up and present on turning manager offices into meeting spaces. We both have a way with people and a sense of humor. 

We also decided we wanted to build a fort.  Why? To prove we lacked effective meeting spaces.  Why else?  Because we could.

We annoy and amuse almost daily.

It was a psych-out move of theatrics.  And people loved it.  We had a ball.

We gave the presentation this afternoon - it went over gangbusters.  Especially the slide where we suggested creating a French Bistro themed room.  We cited a quote from our VP's email speaking about the effectiveness of a good environment.

People howled.

Now, ours may not be the winning idea.  But I think we're a lock on the prize for "Best Presentation".

I'm happy.  Really, truly happy.