So, most of the time, I'm level-headed and pragmatic.  Except for the times that I'm neurotic and impulsive.

We were heading down to see my family this Friday, and since I've been traveling so much, I opted to take a day off to get ready.  I made jelly, I got a pedicure, and then in a last minute rush I decided to color my hair.

Well, that was a mistake.  My light brown dye turned my medium brown hair synthetic black.  Except in the spots where it was copper.  Basically, I was calico.


Well, I went down to Atlanta and attempted to pull it off - but I ended up having a meltdown this morning.  I don't like it when my vanity gets the better of me.

So, when we got back to Nashville today, I did a little research.  I found that washing my hair for about an hour would tone it down considerably.

Then I went to the drugstore and ended up getting this:

Call me the Rick Perry of home hair color.

I used it, and it looks better.  Less synthetic raven, more all over coppery.  It's still wet, but I think it'll pass for normal tomorrow - and then I need to find a salon where I can get some professional intervention.

So, what I've learned is this:

Vanity + Impulsiveness = Disaster.



No picture? I like calico.