N'amasse pas mousse.

I'm traveling these days.  A lot.  Now, to be fair, the Maine trip is all on me - it was a boondoggle, and self-inflicted.  It was also AWESOME.  I needed it.

Yesterday's trip to Seymour, Indiana - it was fine, but I could have done without.

Know what I really could have done without though?  A 45 hour power outage awaiting me when I got home. 

The power went out at 6PM Thursday, and they finally got it on today, Saturday, at 3PM.


So, instead of remaking jelly today, I went out and got a massage.  Now I'm scrambling with laundry, and then in a bit, I'm taking my sweet husband to dinner to celebrate our 7th Anniversary.

Because I'll be in Seattle on our actual anniversary.

I'm thinking of taking Friday off to make jelly.

And sleep.