So, when you have a dog in her teens, you start to wonder..."How much longer do we have?"

Recently, Lola has been falling over.  I don't know if she loses her balance, or gets winded, or has a tumor pressing on her brain, or what.  But she falls down.  And sometimes, she then pees.

You can Google that, and basically, my online veterinarians seem to think it's a seizure.  It's not.  I know that much.  I think she just loses her breath and falls out.

So, today, we had the old "fall down go pee" again, and I started to wonder, will I know?  What I mean is - will I know when the time comes and the most merciful thing I can do is have Lola euthanized.

I don't think we're there yet - the fall 'n' pees are spread weeks apart, and they are the only real indication of problems.  She still eats, drinks and plays like a much younger dog.  So.. sure, she has congestive heart disease which makes her wheeze and cough a little, she is covered in lumps (benign, fatty lipomas), and her hair is gray - but she still enjoys dog treats, she loves to roughhouse with Matt, and she seems to be able to do everything she always has, only slower, and for shorter bursts.

I hope I'll know. 

Am I in denial?  She seems happy and fine...